Our Artists

Rachelle Mallen

“I have always been a dreamer with an entrepreneurial spirit, getting lost in and inspired by the complexity, beauty and wonder of the natural world.

I am fascinated by the relationships and connection among all living things.  In University it was tough to settle on a major as I was interested in so many areas of study, ending up with a honors degree in Sociology, with a minor in Psychology.

All the while creating in every space I found myself.  Always working with my hands to create in the medium that intrigues me.  I am a true DIY kind of person and a quick study.  When I am creating with my hands the world around me melts away.

Which brings me to the joy I feel being around children.  When running our family day care I discovered how much I love co-creating with little people.   Their imaginations are a gift that we can all cherish and tap into. Creating with children inspires and delights me I always get much more than I give and learn more than I teach.”

Esther Huston

“From the moment I could hold anything to paper, I have been drawn to art. It has nourished, calmed and healed me for as long as I can remember.

I am a self taught artist, who developed a love and passion for art in my many years as a student attending the Waldorf School.

As I always say, “my passion is to re-create the beauty I see in the world.”

That belief is what brought me to where I am today, doing art full time. Guiding paintings is one of my favorite ways to connect with others.

I have taught people all over Vancouver Island in guided painting classes these past few years. Being a part of a guided painting gives an opportunity to breathe, let go, become grounded, explore your creative side, laugh, have fun, and most of all, to feel proud of what you have achieved in the process.

Art is healing. I truly believe that, and my hope is to share all of the healing that art can bring, with as many people as I can.”